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试卷类型:模拟联考 | 适用省份:江西省 | 试卷年份:2018年 | 上传日期:2018/12/27 | 题数:72


What’s the weather like now?





How is the woman’s novel going?

A.She hasn’t started it yet.

B.She has just got down to it.

C.She has already finished it up.


What will the woman do this afternoon?

A.Take care of her parents.

B.Go to a concert with the man.

C.Wait for the washing machine to be repaired.


Where does the conversation probably take place?

A.In a post office.

B.In a store.

C.At an airport.


Which flight will the man probably take?

A.The 6 o’clock flight this afternoon.

B.The 6 o’clock flight tomorrow morning.

C.The 2 o’clock flight tomorrow afternoon.


6.What’s the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.Driver and policewoman.

B.Passenger and driver.

C.Shopkeeper and customer.

7.Where is the parking lot?

A.Behind a movie theater.

B.Behind a supermarket.

C.Behind an office building.


8.Where are the man’s glasses?

A.On his nose.

B.Beside the mirror.

C.In the bathroom.

9.What can we know about the man?

A.He once forgot his wedding.

B.He never forgets to take his phone.

C.He forgets to take his wallet occasionally.


10.Whom will Mary travel with during the summer holiday?

A.Her friends.

B.Her parents.

C.A tour group.

11.What is the island famous for?

A.Its beaches.

B.Its food.

C.Its volcanoes.

12.What is the island’s official language?





13.What is the man probably?

A.A teacher.

B.A doctor.

C.A chemist.

14.What is wrong with the woman?

A.She is wet all over.

B.She has a bad headache.

C.She has had a cough for three days.

15.What does the man tell the woman to do?

A.Stay in bed for some time.

B.Go out for a walk frequently.

C.Go to hospital immediately.

16.When will the man come to see the woman again?

A.This evening.

B.Tomorrow morning.

C.In three days.


17.What is the best season to visit Spain?




18.Why is train travel becoming more and more popular in Spain?

A.It is affordable to most people.

B.The train’s speed gets improved.

C.It can guarantee people more freedom.

19.What’s the advantage of taking the train for long-distance travel?

A.Saving you money on accommodations.

B.Enabling you to enjoy more special food.

C.Allowing you to learn to live independently.

20.Which can be found in the Grand Class cabin in the train?

A.Shower rooms.

B.Toilet articles.

C.Comfortable beds


  Many wealthy and well-traveled people want a completely new experience, but they don’t necessarily want to give up luxury(奢华的) accommodations and service. The following vacations could be best choices.

Cruise down the Amazon River

 Aqua Expeditions takes up to 32 passengers at a time on guided journeys of three, four, or seven days down the Amazon River. Those adventurers see forests and waterfalls, visit local fish markets, and take canoe trips. They also take in wildlife such as capuchin monkeys and river dolphins.

Go Glamping in Montana

The Resort at Paws Up located on a cattle ranch(牧场) is a standout in the type. The ranch rents homes with up to four bedrooms, but it’s the luxury tents that offer closer communion with the outdoors. Tents are arranged into camps, each of which has a private chef and butler, the latter of whom helps build campfires and arrange daytime activities. Guests can participate in a cattle drive, go clay shooting, take a hot air balloon trip, or ride horses.

Climb inside a Volcano in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its volcanoes and has plenty of luxury hotel options. Thrill-seekers can actually go down into the dormant (休眠的), 700-foot-deep Thrihnukagigur, by using an open elevator. Take a helicopter if you want to skip the 2-mile hike to the volcano, and arrange a private tour to avoid crowds. And visitors traveling there can enjoy the luxury hotel such as the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel and the Hotel Rangá.

21.What can adventurers do when traveling down the Amazon River?

A.Enjoy individually-guided tours.

B.Travel with hot air balloons.

C.Get a chance to see wildlife.

D.Ride horses along the trail.

22.At which place can guests enjoy food quite to their taste?

A.Aqua Expeditions.

B.The Resort at Paws Up.


D.The Hotel Rangá.

23.What do the three vacations have in common?

A.They are adventurous.

B.They are animal-centered.

C.They have luxury hotel options.

D.They are intended for new travelers.

  For over a century, the Nashua River in Massachusetts provided power for mills(工厂), which gave jobs to thousands of people. Over the years, these paper, cotton, wood, and woolen mills had dumped their waste into its waters.
By the 1960s, the Nashua River was about as polluted as any river could get. Its waters ran red or green or blue with dye(染料) from paper mills situated on its banks. The fumes(烟)from this dye blackened paint on the buildings near the river.
Then along came Marion Stoddart with a simple but overwhelming idea — clean up the Nashua. This was no one-woman campaign. Stoddart encouraged the paper mills and the business community to form partnerships to reclaim the river. She carried jars of dirty river water to local officials to demonstrate the seriousness of the problem. Stoddart talked with business leaders about economic problems. She talked with environmentalists about the long-term problems of pollution.

Stoddart knew that the State Water Pollution Control Board would have the final say on forcing the clean-up. When she spoke to the board, she insisted that the Nashua should be made safe for swimming. They thought her goals were unrealistic.
However, the partnerships Stoddart had helped form and the volunteers who were drawn to her cause never gave up. They all realized that cleaning up the river was in everyone’s best interests. By 1993, several water treatment plants had been built, and a conservation area called a "greenway" had been created along the banks of the river.

Today mills are still operating along the river, but there are also fish in the river. The Nashua River welcomes boaters, naturalists, and even swimmers. None of this would have been possible without a woman of vision and a community working together.

24.What does the underlined word "reclaim" refer to?





25.What’s the board’s attitude to Stoddart’s goal of improving the river?





26.What kind of person is Marion Stoddart?

A.Independent and broad-minded.

B.Determined and far-sighted.

C.Intelligent and creative.

D.Stubborn and proud.

27.What message is conveyed through the no one-woman campaign?

A.It’ll be all right on the night.

B.Prevention is better than cure.

C.Many hands make light work.

D.Failure is the mother of success.

  Several decades ago, educators in the USA began to call attention to a national problem: most students leave American schools without the mathematical skills needed for jobs or for higher education. This was especially true for female and minority students. The Educational Testing Service reported that, in an international survey, American teenagers had the lowest math scores.
This situation has been defined as "innumeracy", or the inability to grasp the basic idea of mathematics. Mathematicians, teachers, and scientists were alarmed by these findings. They looked for the reasons and decided that, in addition to poor education, there are many psychological blocks.
Embarrassment about not knowing math can lead to fear in the classroom. Fear can lead to silence because students do not want to draw attention to their lack of knowledge. As a result, those students fall further and further behind. Low visibility in the classroom has not always been recognized as a silent call for help

Math educators decided to try to change that. Math reform is beginning with the educators themselves. Teachers are now being trained to recognize and to help students work through "math anxiety" — the roadblock on their way to gaining competence in mathematics. In addition, math textbooks are being updated to help students understand that math is not a sort of foreign language of numbers. Math is a tool that helps us to analyze patterns and structures, and to discover relationships.
Traditional computing skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are still being taught, of course. However, there is added emphasis on logical thinking and creative problem solving, to which there may be several equally valid solutions.

28.What does the underlined sentence probably mean?

A.Students with low scores fear to ask their teachers for help.

B.Poor equipment in classrooms limits teens’ chances to learn.

C.Math anxiety, hardly noticed, is actually a silent call for help.

D.Poor-sighted students can’t see clearly, which is a silent call for help.

29.Which may lead to American students’ innumeracy?

A.The methods of teaching.

B.The difficulty of math itself.

C.Students’ lack of interest in math.

D.Schools’ not attaching enough value to it.

30.What may be discussed in the following paragraph?

A.What to be taught in America’s revised math programs.

B.How to make math reform actually benefit American students.

C.How to improve teens’ logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

D.Why traditional computing skills are necessary in mathematics education.

31.What is the passage mainly about?

A.Mathematic skills needed for higher education.

B.The features of America’s mathematics education.

C.Improvements in mathematics education in the US.

D.The importance of mathematics education in the US.

  Biologist Robert Pitman and his colleagues tracked orcas, or killer whales, and humpback whales off the coast of Western Australia. To research further, the scientists attached a tracker to a female orca, which allowed them to use satellites to monitor her movements. They followed her for six days. During that time, the orca attacked eight young humpback whales. During the seven attacks, the orca killed the humpback whale calf (幼兽) on three occasions.

But the story doesn’t end there. Humpback whales themselves are popularly thought to be large but generally, passive creatures. Pitman’s study findings may let people think otherwise.

When chased by orcas, humpback whales are known to try to outswim orcas. They are thought to do this at high speed so that the orcas can’t keep up. On some occasions, the humpback whales sought out protection. They swam to shallow water, nearby reefs, or even under the researchers’ boats. These ways often reduced the attack. But at other times, the humpback whales decided to stay and fight.

As the orcas approached, the mother humpback would sometimes move her calf to her side, or lift it out of the water using her head or flippers. She also blew huge breaths of air to disturb the orcas, and lunged or charged at them, slashing(劈) and slapping her tail and flippers. Perhaps most surprisingly, humpback whales also have adult "escorts (护卫队)" that try to protect calves that are not their own, joining the mother in defending the smaller whale. These escort whales either charged at the orcas, or placed themselves between the attackers and calves, slashing their tails and flippers.

Despite the efforts of the mother whales and escorts, the orcas were more often than not successful in their attacks. But the presence of the escorts did reduce how many times a whale calf was killed.

32.What’s the purpose of the scientists’ further research?

A.To keep a record of whales’ living habits.

B.To observe orcas’ hunting humpback whales.

C.To see what life-or-death battles whales may face.

D.To find out the techniques orcas use when hunting.

33.Why did the humpback whales swim to shallow water?

A.To avoid being attacked.

B.To hunt for food.

C.To protect their young.

D.To trick the chasers.

34.What is mainly talked about in Paragraph 4?

A.Why humpback whales fall victim to orcas.

B.How humpback whales protect their calves.

C.The great mother love of humpback whales.

D.Smaller humpback whales’ ways of surviving.

35.What does Pitman’s study find?

A.Orcas are successful in their attacks.

B.It’s not easy for orcas to obtain food.

C.Humpback whales swim faster than orcas.

D.Humpback whales could be active animals.


Think about what you’ve learned from a particular rumor experience, and let it help you make sure it never happens again. Here are a few tips that will help you.

The more private information that you make public, the more ammunition(把柄) rumors will have, so be careful who you confide in(向……吐露).

Try to understand where it’s coming from, and why.
Is the rumor meant to hurt you, or is it just a case of misinformation or exaggeration? It’s important to get this information before you react to the rumor.   37  

Resist the urge to dish it out.
Have you heard the saying "Someone can dish it out, but he or she can’t take it"?  38 If you spread gossip and rumors about others, you might become a person who deserves a taste of his or her own medicine. 

Resist the urge to take revenge.

If you’ve been the victim of gossip and rumors and you know who started spreading them, you might want to go "an eye for an eye".  39 And taking revenge in this way might make you feel good for a short time. But in the end, it will just keep the cycle of rumors going.   40  

A. Be cautious about making friends.

B. Be careful about your private information.

C. Try to persuade more people to be on your side.

D. So if you can, figure out how the rumor occurs.

E. In other words, don’t be the person to spread rumors.

F. It’s tending to make up lies or expose information that hurts others.

G. And make you as much of a bully(恃强凌弱者) as any other rumor starter.


  Brian Tagalog was born without arms. But that didn’t   41 him from leading a normal life. The  42 young man believes he is the only certified tattoo(文身) artist without arms in the world. 

A   43 of Honolulu, Tagalog moved with his family to Tucson. He had always shown an interest in drawing, and set his mind on becoming a   44 tattoo artist. Not many people gave him a chance, but he  45 improved his foot drawing skills and operated the tattoo gun with his   46 

Brian’s mother admits that   47 him was not easy, but she always made it a(n)   48 to let him explore his options. "The day I gave birth to him, well, I was shocked, but we never hid him. I didn’t   49 him in any way." And perhaps that’s what gave him the   50 to achieve his dreams,   51 the very obvious absence of two limbs. "I was born without arms," he said."But that has not   52 me down to pursue my dream." 

At first, finding a shop that would   53 him proved a very difficult thing. He   54 many tattoo shops and got no calls back. He didn’t give up;   55 , Brian finally runs his own shop. Brian uses a(n)   56 technique to tattoo — he draws the design on clients’ skin with one foot,   57 using the other to stretch the skin. And eventually his tattoos always turn out to get his clients’   58 

Brian hopes his success will   59 others to follow their dreams bravely. Words and photos just don’t do Brian Tagalog justice. You need to see him   60 to witness how he works only with his feet.  




















































A.apart from


C.regardless of













A.adapted to

B.appealed to

C.attached to

D.applied to



























A.in response

B.in advance

C.in action

D.in turn


Traditional Chinese culture is beginning to capture the attention of the world. Kung fu,   61 (especial), has had a great effect   62 the millions of people who first learned about China through it. From that, they may come to China and learn about some other   63 (aspect) of this culture. Other Asian nations have long known about the   64 (great) of ancient Chinese culture. Their own cultures are   65 mix of native ones and those Chinese characteristics. Korea and Japan long ago adopted Confucianism, something that continues today even as it   66 (challenge) by pop culture. This strength comes from the ideas   67 (give) in the Four Books of Confucianism, which built upon the ideas of an even   68 (much) ancient period codified (编纂) in the Five Classics. From them, the West learns   69 is uniquely Chinese, for example, feng shui. So far China has taken steps   70 (further) this spread of its culture by establishing Chinese Cultural Centers in such places as the United States and Europe.



One day, Margaret told me her grandma was coming and parents would want my basement room back, what didn’t surprise me. The next day, I went to her mother to ask about it. She seemed surprising at first. And then she told me they haven’t yet made any decision about her mother come to live with them. "Honest speaking, my husband and my mother have never got on well. We’ll wait for a bit and see what happens." Therefore, it was no need for me to move. Now, six month have passed and I’m still living in a basement room.



假定你是李华,是某国际学校高三(1)班的班长,为了动员大家积极参加学校组织的一次有关环保的辩论赛,你准备进行一个以"Environmental Protection"为主题的班会。请你根据以下提示用英语写一篇发言稿,要点如下:




Good morning, everyone!

Thank you!