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试卷类型:模拟联考 | 适用省份:不区分 | 试卷年份:2018年 | 上传日期:2019/01/02 | 题数:72


What does the woman probably mean?

A.The man is considerate.

B.The dog is important to her.

C.She will get another dog.


Where does the conversation probably take place?

A.In a bank.

B.In a supermarket.

C.In a restaurant.


What is the man going to do?

A.Make a plan.

B.Go to a bookstore.

C.Leave for his hometown.


Why will the speakers go to the beach?

A.To do some sunbathing.

B.To do community service work.

C.To go for a walk.


What will be held at the restaurant?

A.A surprise party.

B.A birthday party.

C.A graduation party.


6.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.Boss and secretary.

B.Husband and wife.

C.Interviewer and interviewee.

7.What does the man advise the woman to do?

A.Take the new job.

B.Give up the chance.

C.Make her own decision.


8.What’s the problem with the woman’s computer?

A.It can’t be shut down.

B.It can’t start up properly.

C.Its screen often goes black.

9.When will Paul come on Saturday?

A.At 9:30.

B.At 10:00.

C.At 10:30.


10.What makes the man choose to go to the Maldives?

A.Its delicious local food.

B.Its unique culture and customs.

C.Its beautiful beaches and blue sea.

11.Who will the man go on vacation with?

A.His wife.

B.The woman.

C.No one.

12.How can the man reduce travel costs?

A.Choosing a reliable agency.

B.Traveling during the off season.

C.Searching for good deals online.


13.When will the man arrive at the hotel?

A.On December 23.

B.On December 24.

C.On December 25.

14.How long will the man stay?

A.For one night.

B.For two nights.

C.For three nights.

15.How much will the man pay in total?

A.590 dollars.

B.1,080 dollars.

C.1,180 dollars.

16.What kind of room does the man book?

A.A room with an ocean view.

B.A room with twin beds.

C.A room with a back garden.


17.Who is Stephanie?

A.A radio broadcaster.

B.A worker in the program.

C.A representative of the volunteer families.

18.Which is not the requirement for a volunteer family?

A.Have a background check.

B.Receive necessary training.

C.Have relevant experiences.

19.What may be the purpose of the program?

A.To exchange cultural experiences.

B.To help foreign students learn English.

C.To expand the influence of American culture.

20.How can one contact Stephanie for help?

A.Give her a call.

B.Visit her in person.

C.Send her an email.


  Here are our suggestions for keeping busy this week. Dive in!

Take to the waves in Southampton

Always fancied trying your hand at sailing? Now’s your chance. The Southampton Boat Show has plenty of opportunities for visitors to get out on the water to experience boat sailing, power boating or taking a ride on a RIB ― all for free.
Discover an island on the Thames

To celebrate Totally Thames, a month-long festival is held at various locations across London. We’ve discovered 21 of the river’s most fascinating islands ― all of them with interesting stories to tell. Make the most of it with our map here.

Catch great films in Bristol

Over six days, Encounters Film Festival screens up to 400 films from over 60 different countries. The Bristol festival provides a platform for international filmmakers, and offers a gateway to the likes of the BAFTAs, Oscars and European Film Awards. See here for full details.
Get scientific in London

Experience the latest, best and most challenging science covering all areas of our lives and universe at New Scientist Live at ExCel London. New Scientist Live is a four-day festival full of ideas and discoveries from the team behind the world’s most popular science weekly magazine, featuring four zones ― Brain & Body, Technology, Earth and Universe ― as well as talks from experts and over 200 exhibitors.

21.Which is the most suitable for sailing lovers?

A.Take to the waves in Southampton.

B.Discover an island on the Thames.

C.Catch great films in Bristol.

D.Get scientific in London.

22.What is New Scientist Live?

A.A science weekly magazine.

B.A festival to celebrate great scientists.

C.An exhibition to show scientific discoveries.

D.A festival where ideas and discoveries are shared.

23.Where can you find the text?

A.On a noticeboard.

B.On a website.

C.In a newspaper.

D.In a book review.

  A new mom from Michigan headed for the airport Thursday, nervous about flying alone with her 3-month-old. When her daughter started crying even before take-off, her fears for the flight ― to surprise her husband, a US Army soldier at Fort Rucker, Alabama ― seemed acceptable.
The couple seated next to her reacted just as Rebekka Garvison had feared, looking visibly unhappy about sitting next to a fussy (难以取悦的) baby. Ms. Garvison moved to a new seat, hoping it would help. When the baby’s cries continued, the woman sitting next to her asked if she could try.

Garvison later described in a grateful Facebook post how the woman, Nyfesha Miller, had the magic touch with her baby. "As soon as she had her, Rylee was looking out the window and stopped crying," Garvison recalled. "When we got in the air she fell right asleep and slept in her lap the whole flight until we got to our gate." Garvison told The Huffington Post she has been in touch with Ms. Miller almost daily since the flight.

Garvison’s post has been shared more than 84,000 times, and received hundreds of warm comments. "Years ago, the same kind of thing happened to me," wrote one mother. "It was a seven-hour flight and I had my ten-month-old little boy with me. A nun (修女) was sitting beside me and she walked him up and down the passage when he got fussy. It was such a relief for me and is something I will never forget."

Not everyone has had happy experiences with baby air travelers. One airline is considering opening a "baby class" for airplanes with flight attendant nannies (保姆), reported The Christian Science Monitor’s Meredith Hamilton. For now, parents can hope to be seated beside someone like Ms. Miller on their next flight. "Nyfesha Miller, you will never understand how happy this act of kindness has made my family," wrote Garvison.

24.Why did Garvison move to a new seat?

A.She could have a better view.

B.Her baby wanted to change seats.

C.To turn to Nyfesha Miller for help.

D.Her crying baby annoyed the couple beside her.

25.Which words can be used to describe Miller?

A.Generous and calm.

B.Modest and elegant.

C.Caring and friendly.

D.Skilled and proud.

26.Why did the author use another example?

A.To express how common the problem is.

B.To call on more strangers to act.

C.To prove Garvison’s story popular.

D.To share experiences with new moms.

27.What is the text mainly about?

A.An airline training mothers with babies.

B.A kind stranger helping comfort a crying baby.

C.A mom not knowing how to deal with a crying baby.

D.Moms benefiting from traveling experiences shared online.

  Nine out of ten people on the planet breathe polluted air, even indoors, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Some 92% of the population live in places where air pollution exceeds (超过) WHO limits.

Air pollution can contribute to lung cancer and heart disease. The Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions account for nearly two out of every three such deaths, with poorer countries "getting worse". Around three million deaths every year are linked to outdoor air pollution. When "indoor" air pollution ― which includes contaminants like wood smoke and cooking fires ― is added, air pollution is linked to one in every nine deaths worldwide, the WHO said. The air quality model used in the data measures the smallest particles (颗粒), less than 2.5 micrometres across, which can enter the bloodstream and reach the brain.

Country-by-country data showed that Turkmenistan is ranked first for the death rate connected to air pollution. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Egypt rounded out the top five. "Rich countries are getting much better in improving the quality of the air," Dr Carlos Dora from the WHO told the Associated Press. "Poorer countries are getting worse." However, he said, North America is doing better than Europe, mostly because Europe depends more on diesel fuel(柴油)and farming practices. China, the country with the sixth-highest death rate linked to air pollution, is relatively wealthy, but is bothered by smog in its cities and polluted air from industrial sources.

The WHO pointed to sustainable transport, waste management, and renewable energies as possible ways to reduce air pollution. It said its latest data represented the most detailed study it has ever released. The analysis combined satellite measurement and more than 3,000 monitoring stations on the ground with air transport models. The report is based on 2012 figures, which are the most recent data available.

28.How is the text organized?





29.What does the underlined word in Paragraph 2 refer to?

A.Heating tools.

B.Indoor waste.

C.Producing activities.

D.Harmful substances.

30.Which has the lowest death rate caused by air pollution?

A.North America.




31.Which may the author advocate to reduce air pollution?

A.Control the population.

B.Invent energies.

C.Use air transport models.

D.Go green.

  In the movie Alice in Wonderland, Alice comes across a Cheshire cat and asks the cat which road she should take. The cat responds, "Well, that depends on where you’re trying to get to." Alice replies, "I don’t know." The cat responds, "Then any road will do."

You see, knowing where you’re going increases your chances dramatically of getting there, and there is no better way of "GETTING THERE" than setting your goals for the upcoming year. Think of your goals as destinations and the action steps as your GPS guiding and directing you. If you are like many other people, for years you have resisted the need to set goals and even laughed at the thought that setting goals and, even more importantly, committing them to writing have positive effects on your life. However, a closer look might convince you that setting goals is a sensible thing to do.

In 1979, a class of Harvard MBA students was asked: Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made an action plan to accomplish them? The following will astonish you. Only 3 percent of the class had written goals and a plan in place, 13% just had goals, and an amazing 84% had no specific goals at all.

Ten years later the members of the class were interviewed once again and the following results will no doubt give the reason for our setting goals. The findings were that the 13% who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all. And the 3 percent who had clear, written goals with a plan to achieve them were achieving ten times as much as the entire 97% combined.

Goal setting will increase your chances of arriving successfully at your destination. Remember, always set SMART goals. Goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound!

32.Why does the author mention Alice in Wonderland?

A.To introduce the topic.

B.To recommend it to readers.

C.To show its popularity.

D.To criticize those with no goals.

33.What does the underlined word "them" refer to?

A.Action steps.




34.What did the second interview find out?

A.People with goals earned the most.

B.People with goals were certain to succeed.

C.The income gap among students was bigger.

D.Action helped with the realization of goals.

35.Which of the following can best serve as the title?

A.Why we set goals

B.How to set goals

C.How to be successful

D.What SMART goals are


Four Reasons to Look for a Summer Job

You may have heard all kinds of negative stuff (东西)again and again about this summer’s job market.   36 But they are out there. So go for it. If you don’t land the job you want, you’ll still gain something from the process. 

Develop your interview skills. The more jobs you apply for, the better you’ll get at interviewing.   37 It helps with everything from getting into college to landing a full-time job when the time comes. 

Get better at dealing with rejection.   38 Rejection is a fact of life, and there’s no denying(否认) that it can be hard to handle. The good news is that the more we face rejection and learn to deal with the feelings that go with it, the easier it becomes to get past the hurt and bounce back. 

   39 Did you take a job that wasn’t your first choice? You might discover a new skill or interest you never knew you had. Get offered the perfect job? Feel your self-esteem soar(急升)! And if nothing works out? You may decide to start your own business. 

Push the limits of your comfort zone. Yes, it’s a lot easier to sit home doing the same stuff you always do. But going out job-hunting can push you out of that comfort zone into a whole new experience.   40  

A. Face less competition.

B. Learn something about yourself.
C. And you never know what you may find.
D. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

E. It’s unlikely to get the first job you interview for.
F. It is true that jobs for teenagers can be tough to find.

G. Learning how to come across well in an interview is a skill you’ll use forever.


  Nikki Christou, a young girl from London, has an abnormal connection between the arteries (动脉) and veins. It has resulted in a   41 abnormality. But Nikki, who’s a huge makeup enthusiast, doesn’t let anything or anyone   42 her style. She makes makeup lessons for her YouTube page   43 and has become a star. Through the videos, she hopes to   44 others who may also have rare illnesses or   45 . Nikki wants to inspire anyone with a rare illness and show them that   46 lies within. Being different should not mean being   47 or feeling that there is no real place for you in this world and that you don’t have a   48 role to play. 

  In her videos, she shares looks for different   49 like a prom (正式舞会), a birthday or just for every day. In addition to showing viewers   50 looks, she also records other videos that give you a(n)   51 at her life, such as baking lessons, Q&As.

     52 she does get hurtful comments from people criticizing her appearance, Nikki says that she   53 focuses on the good side. "I don’t let them   54 me. Focus on the happy things   55 the sad things because if you focus on the negative, you’re not going to   56 life," she said. "Just know if you believe in yourself, really try hard and   57 all the negativity in your life, you will lead a happy life."

As if being a YouTube star wasn’t   58 of an achievement, she is also the   59 behind The Butterfly AVM Charity, a charity set up by her parents to fundraise for research into the illness. She’s also helped   60 more than 55,525.65 British pounds for the foundation through a crowd-funding campaign. 

















A.lift up

B.go after

C.care for

D.connect with















































A.get to

B.respond to

C.see to

D.object to


A.other than

B.or rather

C.rather than

D.or else







A.block out

B.wipe out

C.bring out

D.leave out

















Awe-inspiring Shanghai

Shanghai’s unforgettable skyline greets you with flashing lights and the   61 (impress) that you’re in the future. Shanghai is the home of the 2nd tallest skyscraper (摩天大楼), and its architecture will keep you   62 (amaze). The city is full of hidden pockets of culture that I was lucky enough   63 (explore). Art galleries and shops   64 (elegant) fill the streets such as Tianzifang, 50 Moganshan Road and 1933 Shanghai. My   65 (adventure) ranged from rooftop hopping, shopping, people watching, to getting lost amongst the culture shock   66 modern society and Chinese history. 

One of my favorite parts of Shanghai was learning about the food. A good way of   67 (gain) knowledge of the insider cooking tips is to take a foodie (美食家) tour of the city. My local guide taught us   68 to eat the local dish xiaolongbao. He told us to take   69 small bite of the dumpling to suck out the soup, and then enjoy the entirety of the dumpling. This kind of local knowledge I   70 (provide) with just topped off the incredible cultural experience in Shanghai.



Living in the city, people have certain widely acknowledging advantages. They enjoy various entertainments. Besides, there are many culture activities. Also, people in the city had access to better information service and educational facilities, and many problems exist. The overcrowded population, traffic jam and other issues may resulted in nervousness and diseases. As for the country life, the first feeling crowding our minds are peace and quiet. In the countryside, people live quiet life. They are exposed to less noises and pollution. The air in the countryside is a lot of fresher than that in the city. Of course, life in the countryside is not perfect, too.



假如你是李华,请按如下提示给酷爱中国书法的外教Mr. Smith写一封信,邀请对方参加你校举办的新春书法展(the new year calligraphy exhibition)。

1.展出时间(2017年2月8日—12 日)